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"Emergency & Accident happen at any time and unplanned. "
This Basic Life Support program is designed to prepare the employee in a facility who is designated with emergency response management responsibilities to develop skills and knowledge to undertake the duties assigned to the position. CPR & AED program is the most comprehensive way for companies avoiding any incident, injury or fatalities issue.

1. A solid understanding of basic first aid principles, including assessing the scene, identifying hazards, and implementing appropriate safety measures.

2. Learn the proper techniques for performing CPR on adults, children, and infants.

3. AED operation: Learn on how to properly attach the device to a person in need and deliver a shock if necessary.

Module 1 – Introduction Scope & Objective BOFA
Module 2 – OSH Law & Legal Requirement
Module 3 - Mechanism Of Injury (Hazard Workplace Identification)
Module 4 - Basic Life Support New Guideline AHA 2015
Module 5 – Chain Of Survival
Module 6 - Burn & Scald
Module 7 - Vital Sign
Module 8 - Spinal Injuries
Module 9 - Airway Adjuncts
Module 10 - Fracture and Splinting
Module 11 - Rescuing and Moving
Module 12 - Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation With Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Module 13 - Advanced Life Support Management System
Module 14 – The Importance and main causes Of Emergency Response Preparedness Management
Module 15 - Wound and Bleeding
Module 16 – Function First Aider , Emergency Commander, and Emergency Response Team (ERT)
Module 17 – Traumatic Injuries & Heart Attack
Module 18: Fracture and Splinting


- Safety Health Committee
- Non Executives
- All employees.