UiTM Kampus Kota Samarahan 2, Sarawak    |   2023-07-28


RM  588.00

“Emergency & Accident happen at any time and unplanned. This Basic Life Support program is designed to prepare the employee in a facility who is designated with emergency response management responsibilities to develop skills and knowledge to undertake the duties assigned to the position. CPR & AED program is the most comprehensive way for companies avoiding any incident, injury or fatalities issue.

- Learn essential first aid skills, including assessing the situation, managing injuries, and providing appropriate care until professional medical help arrives.

- CPR techniques that enable participants to respond to cardiac emergencies.

- Trained on the proper usage of an AED, which is a device used to deliver an electric shock to restore normal heart rhythm during sudden cardiac arrest.

Module 1 – Introduction Scope & Objective BOFA
Module 2 – OSH Law & Legal Requirement
Module 3 - Mechanism Of Injury (Hazard Workplace Identification)
Module 4 - Basic Life Support New Guideline AHA 2015
Module 5 – Chain Of Survival
Module 6 - Burn & Scald
Module 7 - Vital Sign
Module 8 - Spinal Injuries
Module 9 - Airway Adjuncts
Module 10 - Fracture and Splinting
Module 11 - Rescuing and Moving
Module 12 - Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation With Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Module 13 - Advanced Life Support Management System
Module 14 – The Importance and main causes Of Emergency Response Preparedness Management
Module 15 - Wound and Bleeding
Module 16 – Function First Aider , Emergency Commander, and Emergency Response Team (ERT)
Module 17 – Traumatic Injuries & Heart Attack
Module 18: Fracture and Splinting


Safety Health Committee, Non Executives and all employees.