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Every day, many workers drive as part of their job. This includes professional drivers operating commercial vehicles like trucks, vans, or taxis, as well as employees who commute from one work location to another. However, driving during work can be the most dangerous time of their day. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure the health and safety of your employees in all workplaces, including the vehicles they use for work, whether it's owned by the company or personally owned by the employees.

Road safety is crucial because it has significant personal and human implications. If one of your employees gets seriously injured while driving for work, it would have lasting impacts on the employee, their family, friends, other employees, your business, and your reputation.

Unfortunately, the current death toll on roads is 16 persons per day, and this number is increasing. Among these fatalities, 12 are motorcyclists (Source: PDRM). Therefore, this course aims to equip participants with the necessary skills, knowledge, and behavior to effectively protect your employees from crashes, damages, injuries, and fatalities when they drive for work or commute to work.

Menerapkan budaya dan ciri-ciri seorang pemandu yang berdisiplin, beretika dan berhemah.

Meningkatkan kemahiran komunikasi, protokol dan etika sosial seorang pemandu.

Memahami dan mengamalkan prinsip pemanduan defensive dalam kaedah pemanduan seharian.

Meningkatkan tahap keyakinan dan kemampuan kawalan ketika dalam keadaan kecemasan.

Menyelenggara dokumen dan rekod terutama buku log kenderaan dengan baik.

Menjaga serta menyelenggara enjin dengan kaedah dan teknik yang betul dan selamat.


Module 1: Introduction to Road Safety
Module 2: Why Road Crash Happens?
Module 3: The Human Factor of Road Crash
Module 4: Introduction to Behavior Based Safe Driving
Module 5: Behavior Based Safe Driving Techniques

Module 6: Pre-Trip Inspection
Module 7: In-cab Driving and Assessment


- Anyone who drives (Car, Van, Truck & Bus)
- Drive to work and drive for work
- Company-owned Truck Drivers
- Drivers of your outsourced Logistics Transporters
- Supervisors, Executives & Managers of Transport Operations
Department and Transport Safety Department
- All members of Command & Control Centre, Safety Committee

* An open attitude to unlearn, relearn and learn new Behavior Based Safe Driving Techniques