Utechtium Setia Alam    |   2023-07-29


RM  2888.00

Safety and Health Officer (SHO) program is recognized by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), Ministry of Human Resources with certificate of recognition by DOSH. Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 1994 mandate that all employers need to have at least one certified SHO officer at sites or construction venue, organization or company with more than 500 workers and company that handle or conducted a project that cost more than RM20 million.

Among the job scopes of the SHO officer is that including works that involve with safety and maintenance of high voltage at construction site. This course is relevant to all the participants as it can be one of the factors to be a certified SHO officer under DOSH.

Participants will receive SHO professional certificate with the
recognition by DOSH under Ministry of Human Resources.
Thus, they can become a certified Safety and Health Officer
with high competency level and higher the chance of getting
employed by the industries.

Module 1: OSH Management
Module 2: OSH Legislation
Module 3: Occupational Health (OH) & Industrial Hygiene (IT)
Module 4: Occupational Safety (OS)
Module 5: Module Polishing Attitude/Values


1. Malaysian citizen
2. Men and Women with physical fit
3. Having any Safety and Health related Diploma or Degree or Equivalent from local or international IPTA/IPTS
4. SPM holder with minimum 3Cs including Mathematics and one Science subject, plus a pass in English.