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The hands-on training consists of eleven (11) modules and will be conducted for three (3) days.

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to learn about the role of OSH Coordinator and being a competent trainee. The OSH-C Certificate holder is the endorsement by DOSH that qualified to perform as Occupational Safety and Health Coordinator at the workplace.

This program is to expose, educate and train participants to acting as Safety and Health Officer at work.

Participant are qualified to sit on OSH-C Certification exam conducted by DOSH and working in safety field.

Module 1: Cabaran dan Realiti IKS – To expose the participant reality of safety and health in small dan medium industries.

Module 2: Pengenalan kepada Jabatan dan Asas Perundangan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan – Introduction to occupational safety and health legislation

Module 3: Asas Pengurusan KKP – General knowledge in occupational safety and health

Module 4: Pengurusan Bahan Kimia - Handling chemical hazards and effects of a hazardous chemicals on health.

Module 5: Pengenalan kepada Penyakit Pekerjaan : expose to disease nature at workstation

Module 6: Pengenalan Kepada Keselamatan Pekerjaan Berkaitan Jalan Raya

Module 7: Pengenalpastian Hazard, Penaksiran Risiko dan Kawalan Risiko (HIRARC): to expose the potential of hazard and risk to participants.

Module 8: Material Storage and Handling

Module 9: Work-station Design and Lighting: workstation design, and simple improvement in workstation design

Module 10: Productive Machine Safety: the importance of machine guarding, type of guarding, type of feeding, and legal requirement.

Module 11:Premises and Work-related Welfare Facilities: clarified the best design in the workstation.


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