Utechtium Setia Alam    |   2023-07-18


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-To change the participants’ perspectives by demonstrating the value of graduates' skills and competencies in comparison to the installation, connection, testing, and maintenance skills needed by the fiber optics sector.

-To increase the number of professional certificate holders in the country to improve graduates’ marketability to be competitive for positions in the installation, connection, testing, and maintenance sectors, which are in high demand both domestically and abroad.

1. Successful installation - To ensure that the fiber optic cable is properly installed in the desired location within a building or facility.

2. Efficient data transmission - The program may focus on optimizing the performance of the fiber optic cable to ensure reliable and high-speed data transmission within the internal network.

3. Minimal signal loss - To achieve low signal loss in the fiber optic cable by using appropriate installation techniques and high-quality components, ensuring optimal data transmission.

Module 1: Kecekapan Fiber Optik Dalaman (CA1C)
Module 2: NIOSH-TM Safety Passport


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